5 Best Branded Umbrellas for Business Partners

Logo umbrellas are the best gifts for your business partners and clients. Many businesses use the Promotional umbrellas as gifts for their special clients and we can share with you why! In rainy conditions, which in the UK seems pretty much every other day, many businesses choose to distribute umbrellas to their clients and partners as they make a useful, practical and brand aware gift. Golf printed umbrellas with a brand imprinted on them serve as the best branded promotion tool so let’s look at why…

Logo umbrellas Many Promotional Umbrella Collection

Promotional umbrellas have got a huge range of applications in with business. They help cement your logo in the eye of your client, developing a strong association with its clients or customers. You can use branded umbrellas to shower your appreciation or thanks to your business partners or clients. They will be happy to receive high-quality printed umbrellas as they are a very practical item that everyone needs, uses and shares.

The vented golf umbrella is very popular amongst clients with a business background. They come are available in infinite number of designs, with excellent unique features and a whole range of printing options. And best of all they are able to withstand the pressure from gusty wind or torrential downpours.

Printed umbrellas are available in most promotional stores, however, if you want to get the best branded umbrellas and low costs then it best to visit an online printed umbrellas specialist such as www.logoumbrellas.co.uk. They are the number one stop for printed golf umbrellas in the UK.

Now, I hear you asking, which are the 5 best branded umbrellas on the market? Having sold printed umbrellas for over 20 years we spoke to Daniel Van Keogh, the Director at www.logoumbrellas.co.uk, to get the low down.

Firstly, he said “Always think which clients are going to use your branded umbrellas and where are they going to use them”. If you’re sending your printed umbrellas to a hairdressing salon mainly used by women, then a sports golf umbrella isn’t the umbrellas for you.  The same goes for businesses based in cities, a large vented golf umbrella wouldn’t be appropriate as it would simply be too big to get down a busy high street. So here’s Daniel’s top 5 branded umbrellas for businesses:

  1. logo umbrellas auto vented golf umbrella

    LoGU Vented Auto Golf Umbrellas

    – The hardiest umbrella out there with extreme durability and strength, packed with features. Everyone needs one of these branded umbrellas in the car!




logo umbrellas golf umbrella2. LoGU Golf Promotional Umbrellas – once again super strong but with for those with less money to spend.





Branded umbrellas at Logo umbrellas3.LoGU Auto Vented Telescopic Promotional Umbrellas – simply the toughest telescopic printed umbrella available on the market.





Logo umbrellas Fibre Walker Printed umbrellas4.LoGU Walker Umbrellas – For the city lover.  Walker Logo umbrellas are prefect for the daily commute.





Super Mini Telescopic Promotional Umbrellas5.LoGU Super Mini – if you need a go-anywhere Logo umbrellas then this is the one for you.