Promotional Umbrellas LoGU golf promotional umbrella

Promotional umbrellas, Look No Further

Logo Umbrellas LoGU Golf promotional umbrellas have polyester pongee canopies, adopts fiberglass ribs, fiberglass shaft and pistol grip handle. It suits advertising and promotion umbrellas purposes and can be used as a gift. Customers can closed manually and is water and wind-resistant. Best Options for Logo Golf Umbrellas With it’s fibreglass umbrella ribs the Logo […]

Uber Brolly pantone matched golf umbrella

Your Guide to the Logo Umbrellas Unknowns

Unsure of Umbrellas? You are smart enough to know that customised umbrellas are a great way to shout out your branding.  And you have heard that logo umbrellas offer a great return-on investment.  So what is the next next step? The First Stage is Choosing the Right Logo Umbrella Type for You There are hundreds […]

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Branded Umbrellas Brolly Bundle Bonanza!

Here at Logo Umbrellas branded umbrellas are our business.  We know everything there is to know about umbrellas, whether you are looking for budget busting branded umbrellas or the very best-of-the-best printed umbrellas.  What we can promise you is exceptional quality and exceptionally low prices.  We are proud to keep our prices low whilst keeping […]

Promotional Umbrellas LoGU golf promotional umbrella

Join The Pack with Logo Umbrellas Best Selling Golf Umbrella

LoGU Golf Printed Umbrellas at Unbeatable Prices It is not always good to follow the crowd but in some cases this just isn’t true!  If you are looking for branded umbrellas, then a good place to start is to look at our bestselling logo umbrellas.  This not only tells you the best printed umbrellas you […]

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Branded Umbrellas Have Their Top 10 Moments

Logo Umbrellas on Film! Here at Logo Umbrellas we live and breathe printed umbrellas so when we stumbled upon this article we all enjoyed reminiscing about those famous branded umbrellas moments in the movies.  Sit back with a cup of coffee and look back at some unmissable umbrella debuts! Singing in the Rain (1952) This […]

Printed Umbrellas folding pouch

What a Genius Idea! Logo Umbrellas Absorbent Folding Pouch

Banish Soggy Brollies With These Printed Umbrellas Pouches So branded umbrellas get wet, that’s pretty much the nature of umbrellas! And we all know what happens next ….  those said wet printed umbrellas drip.  Whether you are walking into your home, putting it into your bag or getting into the car, the rain water drips […]

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Logo Umbrellas’ LoGU Maple Wooden Walker

Our Latest Addition to the Logo Umbrellas Range If you want luxury… If you want the very best money can buy… If you want something to WOW… then the LoGU Maple Wooden Walker Umbrella is the logo umbrella for you! The LoGU Maple Wooden Walker umbrella is the ultimate in opulence. These 5* logo umbrellas […]

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Branded Umbrellas’ Canopies Covered

Nylon Vs Polyester Pongee Canopies on Logo Umbrellas Here at Logo Umbrellas we often get asked “what is the best canopy material for our branded umbrellas?”  So let’s take a closer look at the options and how they differ. There are two main choices when it comes to branded umbrellas material: Nylon Polyester pongee Logo […]

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Logo Umbrellas Give the Gift of Shelter to the Homeless of Cardiff

Branded Umbrellas Company Help the Homeless at Christmas Logo Umbrellas are helping the homeless of South Wales this winter by providing printed umbrellas as part of the Gifts for the Homeless this Christmas initiative. Organised by the incredible Katie Bernard, a student nurse in South Wales, the scheme asks people to make up bags of […]

The 3 Ultimate Promotional Umbrellas

Here at Logo Umbrellas we have put together a list of the ultimate promotional umbrellas.  We have spent the last month contacting all the top umbrellas frame providers in the China and compiling a list of the best branded umbrellas frames that money can supply!  Then if you add Logo Umbrellas’ exceptional quality canopies with […]