Branded Umbrellas in Full Colour

Inject some colour into your umbrellas and enhance your branding… Logo Umbrellas offer over 30 standard stock canopy colours giving your maximum choice for FREE!

Mini Golf Promotional Umbrellas from Logo UmbrellasHere at Logo Umbrella’s we are proud to offer over 30 colours for our entire branded umbrellas range.  We know how important colour is to branding.  We understand that matching branded products to your company colours is essential.  Logo Umbrellas have a comprehensive collection of stock colours ensuring that you can match your promotional umbrellas easily and closely to your brand colours.




40 Stock Colours for Your Canopies

Most of our competitors offer a small selection of colours, particularly for low quantities.  Often just the standard 4 colours of black, navy, white and red.  Logo Umbrellas offer the full range of 30 stock colours for our entire branded umbrellas range giving you the full choice even if you are only buying a small number of printed umbrellas.  We believe that choice is critical for your decision making so we have invested in our comprehensive stock colours so we can provide this to you.


Logo Umbrellas Colour Chart

Colour chart for logo umbrellas


The Colour Experts

This is what the experts say about colour:

“Colour is very important in branding and marketing because it is where first impressions of customers are based. Also, colour is the secret in producing a good identity for a company. Colours are more than just a visual aid because colours convey emotions, feelings and experiences. There are meanings behind various colours and for companies, it will help if they are abreast with this because choosing a colour scheme can affect their business – it may either make or break them.”  Read more


Promotional Umbrellas Pantone Matched

Logo umbrellas Branded UmbrellasDid you know that Logo Umbrellas also offer pantone matching for all of your canopies.  Plus if you are buying over 500 branded umbrellas this is completely free.  This ensures that there is a complete colour match, ideal if you have a very specific brand colour or colours.  This is a great way to give you an completely aligned printed product to your brand. Browse our range