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Promotional Umbrellas automatic seno rubber handle

Logo Umbrellas Handles: Seno Rubber Vs EVA

Here at Logo Umbrellas we offer two types of handles for our branded golf umbrellas to give you the customer the optimum choice. Our standard EVA Foam handle or the upgraded Seno Rubber handle.  We are going explore the differences between the two allowing you to pick the best option for your printed umbrellas’ users. […]

Promotional Umbrellas are Not Only for Autumn

After a hot summer, it now time for the Autumn… and the rain. This means means Promotional umbrellas time!  With the nights drawing in and Christmas starting to creep into people’s thoughts, September is the busiest month for branded umbrellas.  We have a mild and quite wet Autumn predicted – by the experts over at […]

Branded Umbrellas Colour Chart for Logo Umbrellas

Logo Umbrellas’ New 2019 Canopy Colour Chart for Branded Umbrellas

Introducing the brand new canopy colour chart for 2019 from Logo Umbrellas! Our extensive range of 43 colours will allow you to match your company’s colours easily to your promotional umbrellas’ canopy.  All for FREE! The team here at Logo Umbrellas believe in choice.  Offering a wide of colour options for our promotional umbrellas canopies […]

Promotional Umbrellas Branded Popper by Logo Umbrellas

Upgrade Your Promotional Umbrellas with a Branded Popper

If you want your printed umbrellas to really communicate your branding, then why not opt for an embossed popper?  These are an excellent way to make your branding even more visible, whilst giving your promotional umbrellas a sophisticated, tailored feel. Branding is key when considering promotional umbrellas.  If you are using your printed umbrellas to […]

LoGU Walker Umbrella logo

Promotional Umbrellas – Nylon Vs Polyester Pongee

Have you ever given any thought to buying promotional umbrellas?  If you have, you’ll know that the wealth of options can be very daunting.  Here at Logo Umbrellas we have want to take one of these many options and give you the low down. So you can make the right decision for your brand. Which […]

Branded Umbrellas in Full Colour

Inject some colour into your umbrellas and enhance your branding… Logo Umbrellas offer over 30 standard stock canopy colours giving your maximum choice for FREE! Here at Logo Umbrella’s we are proud to offer over 30 colours for our entire branded umbrellas range.  We know how important colour is to branding.  We understand that matching […]

The Etiquette of Promotional Umbrellas

Here in the UK when the rain hits us on average 106.5 days a year, promotional umbrellas are pretty much a high street staple.  Printed promotional umbrellas bobbing up and down as people hustle in and out of buildings is almost a daily occurrence. So what is the etiquette though when you go inside and […]

Uber Brolly pantone matched golf umbrella

Your Guide to the Logo Umbrellas Unknowns

Unsure of Umbrellas? You are smart enough to know that customised umbrellas are a great way to shout out your branding.  And you have heard that logo umbrellas offer a great return-on investment.  So what is the next next step? The First Stage is Choosing the Right Logo Umbrella Type for You There are hundreds […]

Logo Umbrellas - promotional umbrellas logo

Branded Umbrellas Brolly Bundle Bonanza!

Here at Logo Umbrellas branded umbrellas are our business.  We know everything there is to know about umbrellas, whether you are looking for budget busting branded umbrellas or the very best-of-the-best printed umbrellas.  What we can promise you is exceptional quality and exceptionally low prices.  We are proud to keep our prices low whilst keeping […]

Promotional Umbrellas LoGU golf promotional umbrella

Join The Pack with Logo Umbrellas Best Selling Golf Umbrella

LoGU Golf Printed Umbrellas at Unbeatable Prices It is not always good to follow the crowd but in some cases this just isn’t true!  If you are looking for branded umbrellas, then a good place to start is to look at our bestselling logo umbrellas.  This not only tells you the best printed umbrellas you […]

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