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Promotional Umbrellas automatic seno rubber handle

Logo Umbrellas Handles: Seno Rubber Vs EVA

Here at Logo Umbrellas we offer two types of handles for our branded golf umbrellas to give you the customer the optimum choice. Our standard EVA Foam handle or the upgraded Seno Rubber handle.  We are going explore the differences between the two allowing you to pick the best option for your printed umbrellas’ users. […]

Printed Umbrellas folding pouch

What a Genius Idea! Logo Umbrellas Absorbent Folding Pouch

Banish Soggy Brollies With These Printed Umbrellas Pouches So branded umbrellas get wet, that’s pretty much the nature of umbrellas! And we all know what happens next ….  those said wet printed umbrellas drip.  Whether you are walking into your home, putting it into your bag or getting into the car, the rain water drips […]

Logo umbrellas Maple Walker Umbrella printed umbrellas

Logo Umbrellas’ LoGU Maple Wooden Walker

Our Latest Addition to the Logo Umbrellas Range If you want luxury… If you want the very best money can buy… If you want something to WOW… then the LoGU Maple Wooden Walker Umbrella is the logo umbrella for you! The LoGU Maple Wooden Walker umbrella is the ultimate in opulence. These 5* logo umbrellas […]

The 3 Ultimate Promotional Umbrellas

Here at Logo Umbrellas we have put together a list of the ultimate promotional umbrellas.  We have spent the last month contacting all the top umbrellas frame providers in the China and compiling a list of the best branded umbrellas frames that money can supply!  Then if you add Logo Umbrellas’ exceptional quality canopies with […]

Über Brolly Aluminium Hanging Branded Parasol Ribs

Hanging Out

Maximise Space with a Hanging Promotional Parasols Make a statement and invest in a hanging parasol for your event or business. With a range of sizes to fit a host of different spaces, you can maximise space with a parasol that doesn’t rely on a central pole.  Instead these operate with a side frame and […]