Get Creative With Promotional Umbrellas

Want a beautifully branded umbrella but not sure where to start?

Take a look at our brand new area on our website called “Design Inspiration” and browse some branding components that you could combine to create a unique and bespoke promotional umbrella that really will get your brand noticed – and remembered.   LEARN MORE.

You can also see our complete range of branding components for our promotional umbrellas by visiting our Branding area.  Here we have usefully split our promotional umbrellas branding options into three easy to browse sections:

Branding – from decals to handles to tie wraps to contrasting branded umbrellas trims

Printing – covers different branded umbrellas printing techniques  as well as other umbrella printing options such as interior canopy printing

Packaging – don’t just focus on the umbrella itself, think about branding its packaging such as printed sleeves, EVA cases or even aluminium tubes

Why not speak to one of our friendly team who can offer invaluable advice, give you ideas of cost and maybe inspire you even further with some unique and creative branding ideas for your promotional umbrellas! Call 029 2049 4086 or email




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