Logo Umbrellas Can Be So Much More – And Still At Low Cost

Printed Umbrellas with a Difference

Logo umbrellas with Printed Double Layered CanopyIf you are looking for a branded product that will make major impact as well as have longevity, then opt for logo umbrellas with a difference.  Logo Umbrellas are specialists in branded umbrellas and design.  It’s our job to create beautifully promotional umbrellas.  Logo Umbrellas can of course print your logos onto 4 panels, however there is so much more that we can do.  The biggest impact comes from a surprise or the unusual so why not stray away from the conventional plain logo umbrellas print and get creative … AND make an impact.

Whether it is an all-over print, a printed interior double canopy or simple touches such as engraved metal collars and printed decals, Logo Umbrellas have vast experience and industry insight into what works, what gets the best results and what gives you the best brand exposure.

With a collection of high end promotional umbrellas, Logo Umbrellas also have a vast choice of different printed umbrellas based on your budget and end user criteria.

Take a look at our branding and printing options to see the range of logo umbrellas options.

Interior canopy printing:

Logo umbrellas with Printed Double Layered Canopy










Some examples of some of Brollies & Parasols all-over umbrella prints:

Logo umbrellas All Over Printing









Promotional Umbrella Whole Panel Printing










Canopy of Straight Handle Walker branded umbrella










LoGU Walker Umbrella logo








Engraved metal collar:

Printed Handle Collar Logo Umbrellas











Printed tie wrap:

Logo Umbrellas Promotional Tie Wrap for all Umbrellas








Colour coordinated handle, shaft and ribs:

Logo umbrellas with pantone matched frame









Learn more about our branded umbrellas options.

Check out our logo umbrellas collections:

Budget logo umbrellas

Mid-range umbrellas

Premium umbrellas




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