Logo Umbrellas Frequently Asked Questions

Logo Umbrella Costs

How much do branded umbrellas cost?

Our prices are dependent on the number of different factors so typically we will provide a bespoke quote based on your specific requirements. All we need to provide a quote for your logo umbrellas is: Umbrella type, Quantity, When you need them by, Colours in logo (or design ideas for print) and any Branding requirements.

Alternatively, we offer great value for money Umbrella Bundles. These provide an all-in cost for our most popular umbrellas. Learn more.


How do I get prices for Logo Umbrellas?

We provide bespoke quotes based on your requirements for logo umbrellas. All we need to provide a quote for your logo umbrellas is:

  • Umbrella type
  • Quantity
  • When you need them by
  • Colours in logo (or design ideas for print)
  • Any branding or customisation options

Alternatively we offer great value for money Umbrella Bundles. These provide an all-in cost for our most popular umbrellas. Learn more.

How do I get a quote?

Simply fill in our Quick Quote Form and we will get back to you the same day with further information and prices.

Alternatively you can email one of our team on sales@logoumbrellas.co.uk or give us a call 02920 494086.


What are LoGo Umbrella bundles?

Here at LoGo Umbrellas we believe in transparency – showing you the full picture and giving you the complete costs so there are no nasty surprises! So we have put together a collection of Umbrella Bundles which are based on our best selling umbrellas and give you an all-inclusive price. You can then instantly see what type of umbrella and printing will fit into your budget, saving you time collecting, chasing and analysing quotes.

We can customise these packages so if there are any extras that you want to add in or require different quantities just then let us know and we can adjust the bundle and price according to your specific needs. Simple! Find out more.


Ordering Process

Do you provide umbrella samples?

If you are not too sure exactly what type of umbrella you are looking for we are happy to provide you with a sample or samples of different umbrellas so you can make the right choice for you and the umbrella’s end user. These are free of charge, we just ask you to send them back to us if you decide not to go ahead with your order.


Can I have a fully printed version of my logo umbrella before you start manufacturing the whole order?

Yes, of course! If you order more than 100 units then we can produce a full pre-production sample of your umbrella before we start manufacturing your whole order completely free. This gives you a chance to review the umbrella and the final design to ensure you are 100% happy before giving us the go-ahead. For orders of less than 100 we send you a collection of photos of your logo umbrella to approve. If you would prefer a physical pre-production version and you are ordering less that 100 units we can do this for you but there would be a small fee attached.


How quickly can I get a pre-production sample of my logo umbrella?

Once you have approved your umbrella design it typically takes us around 7 to 10 days to produce your pre-production sample.


How long does it take to manufacture and print my logo umbrellas?

Here at LoGo Umbrellas we manufacture each order exactly to your requirements, we don’t simply print on a stock umbrella. We create your logo umbrellas especially for you so you have a full range of customisable options available to you. Once you have approved your pre-production sample, this typically takes around 21 days, depending on the quantities you have ordered.

There are a number of different shipping options from this point, sea freight is the cheapest option and takes around 30 days. We can alternatively fly them over for you which takes a matter of a few days.

If you have specific date when you require your logo umbrellas let us know and we can discuss different types of options available. All lead times will be confirmed when you obtain an official quote, as times may change depending on the time of year.

If you require a much quicker turn around, we can use our UK factory to manufacturer and print your logo umbrellas which provides a much shorter lead time. Contact our umbrellas Gurus and they will be able to advise on both options.


Logo Umbrella Options

What colour choices do you offer for the logo umbrella canopies?

We are proud of offer nearly 100 different canopy colours as standard giving you exceptional choice to match your corporate colours effectively, strengthening your branding. Alternatively with orders over 500 units we offer FREE pantone matching canopy service. This means you get an exact match, even with unique company colours.

We can match your colours for you or send our swatches to you for you to choose yourself.


What branding options do you offer?

All of our logo umbrellas are bespoke and fully customisable. This gives you a wide scope for personalisation to get a fully branded umbrella at a low cost.

We can brand your logo umbrella in a number of different ways. Starting with printing, you can opt for a simple logo print on 4 panels or go for the full colour process print across the entire umbrella. We offer pantone matching as well as inside printing, branded umbrella sleeves, umbrella decals, branded umbrella tie wraps, even printed handles and shafts. Learn More.

If you want a striking and brand-strong logo umbrella then we offer a range of branding options:


Umbrella handles

Multi panel umbrella canopy

Coloured frames

Engraved metal collars

Double canopies

Printed tie wraps

Printed shaft and handles

Woven labels

Umbrella trim

Branded poppers

Promotional umbrella cords …….. Learn more.

Why stop at branding your logo umbrella, what about its packaging? We offer printed umbrella sleeves, tubes, cases and aluminium tubes. Learn more.


What is the difference between the different types of umbrellas?

So we offer three levels of logo umbrellas which reflect your budget and the quality you want to achieve. It is important to acknowledge that here at Logo Umbrellas we believe in quality which is reflected in our products; even our budget range tends to be of much better quality than a lot of the umbrellas out there. The three levels of logo umbrellas are:

Budget logo umbrellas

Mid-range logo umbrellas

Premium logo umbrellas

It is also important to know the difference between the 3 types of logo umbrellas too:

Telescopic logo umbrellas: You will probably know that these are collapsible umbrellas that have a ‘fold’ so that they fold away to be a more compact logo umbrella. You can opt for a one fold, two fold or even three fold for an ultra compact umbrella.

Walker logo umbrellas: Collapsed, these are the ideal height to assist walking and support the user, however when opened these are not as large as a golf umbrella making them ideal for the city and within events that are tight on space.

Golf logo umbrellas: For a tough, durable and high-tech solution, opt for one of our golf branded umbrellas. These promotional umbrellas are large and very strong making them ideal for sporting events.


Need some inspiration?

If you want some ideas on how to make your logo umbrella unique and branded to suit your corporate image why not browse through our Inspiration section of the website. Take a look through and see what catches your eye!



About Us

Do you provide any guarantees?

Yes here at Logo Umbrellas, we provide performance guarantees with all of our LoGu Umbrellas. We believe in our umbrella’s materials, design and technology so much that we guarantee that they will last and stand the test of time. We trust our umbrellas so provide a guarantee so you can trust us too.


Where are your factories?

We have two factories, one in Asia and one here in the UK. Our factory in Asia is ISO9001 certified and is set up to produce a vast array of printing and branding options.