Logo Umbrellas Make Top The Christmas Gift Chart

All I Want For Christmas is…A Branded Umbrella

Christmas branded umbrellas


If you are on the lookout for THE Christmas gift for this year then why not opt for logo umbrellas? Ideal for staff and clients alike, branded umbrellas tick all the boxes for that perfect, personal and useful Christmas present.

Ubiquitously Utterly Unique & Useful Umbrellas

branded umbrellas with raindropsWho wants another pair of socks for Christmas, or a shed load more chocolate for that extra sugar hit? Logo umbrellas not only make an interesting present but they are also something that is actually used.  And often! Here in the UK the rain is part of our identity, it rains, well pretty much all the time!  And all throughout the year. So an umbrella is something most of us need and use. Get your staff or clients covered with a gift that really can be maximised and used.  Branded umbrellas really will be a present that will be appreciated and keep on giving!


The Personal Touch

Creating personalised logo umbrellas for your staff and customers is easy with our extensive range branded umbrellas. Simply add your logo for a simple personalised gift that you’ll be proud to hand out. Or why not opt for something more attuned to your branding such as colour coordinating frames and handles, interior printing, snazzy colour contrasting trims or even engraved metal cuffs.  All a great way to convey your branding and offering something very personal.  From a basic logo print on 4 panels to a creative all-over print, you can customise your logo umbrellas as much as you want.  Learn More.


Logo umbrellas All Over PrintingBranded Umbrellas are for Life and Not Just for Christmas

Give a gift that lasts.  Logo Umbrellas offer full performance guarantees on all LoGU umbrellas so you can trust that your Christmas gift really will stand the test of time.  Chocolate, a bottle of bubbly, a hamper or even gifts like pens are all pretty much disposable.  Logo umbrellas will be used time and time again and with our guarantee you can really trust their quality and longevity.  Plus with unbeatable prices for the very best quality, Logo Umbrellas branded umbrellas really are the best choice if you want to make an impression.


Make It a Creative Christmas

Corporate gifts tend to be heavily brand, that it is often one of the main prerequisites when selecting a gift.  A branded umbrella is a great way of doing of this.  Not only can your logo be neatly displayed or emblazoned across, it if you should choose, but you also have a very big canvas to play with.  Instead of a traditional pen or mug , an umbrella has umpteen branding options.  Stay simple and subtle with a logo umbrella or go crazy with an all-over print.  There is whole wealth of different options and branded umbrellas options, here are some examples we like:

Branding Options by Logo UmbrellasBranding Options including printed tie wrap by Logo UmbrellasLogo umbrellas Printed or Engraved Metal CollarLogo umbrellas Branded Umbrellas Colour FramesUmbrella & Parasols Budget Walker Branded UmbrellaBranded umbrellas Printed Double CanopyLogo umbrellas with Printed Double Layered CanopyPromotional Umbrella Whole Panel Printing Umbrellas & Parasols Telescopic branded umbrella Closed Automatic Vented Telescopic Logo umbrellavented golf logo umbrella Canopy of the Über Brolly Golf Promotional Umbrella