Meet Our Go-To Gurus

We live and breathe logo umbrellas so why struggle when choosing a printed umbrella when our Go-To Umbrella Gurus are on hand to advise and guide. Our friendly gang of Gurus know branded umbrellas inside our and are here to offer guidance, advice and keep you up to date on your logo umbrella order.

Meet the Go-To Guru gang – as well as the rest of the team here at Logo Umbrellas:


logo umbrellas team - sales printed umbrellasDaniel

Head of Sales (Chief Guru… & Know It All!)

Having fallen into the world of umbrellas 15 years ago, Dan has never found a reason to leave! He’s now our logo umbrellas resident expert guru – which he secretly loves – and knows everything, literally everything, about umbrellas and branding them.

Secret Fact: Dan is a serious sport addict (watching not partaking!)



logo umbrellas - sales of branded umbrellasMark


Mark has been in the branded umbrellas business for over 8 years, with a career of sales under his belt – he knows his stuff! As well as being seriously thorough, friendly and funny, he is an all-round great bloke!

Secret Fact: Mark spends any spare time he can in his favourite place Tenby



logo umbrellas team - sales branded umbrellasElizabeth


Logo Umbrellas has been lucky enough to have Elizabeth working with us for 2 years now and is an amazing asset to the team. A true people’s person, Elizabeth is a great communicator and is always at hand to expertly advise and guide clients on all their branded umbrellas needs.

Secret Fact: Elizabeth plays the clarinet and runs – a long, long way!



logo umbrellas team - marketingEmily

Head of Marketing

With a career history of PR, marketing and brand building, Emily has brought creativity to Logo Umbrellas. Her marketing strategy has always been clear: to build long lasting relationships with our clients through a mix of service, creativity, value and commitment.

Secret Fact: Emily used to be a synchronised swimmer



logo umbrellas team - financeFiona


With an exceptional eye for detail, Fiona is always on the ball – and makes sure the whole Logo Umbrellas office is well behaved! Finance and all that complicated stuff is her specialism and we leave her to it (before our heads’ explode!).

Secret Fact: Fiona loves gardening, the theatre and her 3 grandchildren



logo umbrellas team - designElsie


With creativity at her core Elsie is a passionate and eclectic soul. With over 10 years of design experience, she knows her stuff and has been with Logo Umbrellas for nearly 4 years. Whether it is simply a logo on an umbrella or a beautiful all overall printed umbrella, Elsie is the girl you need to know!

Secret Fact: Elsie has a girl crush on Jo Whiley