Branded Umbrellas FOCUS: LoGU Golf Branded Umbrella

Over the next few months we are going to take a closer look at a few of our favourite logo umbrellas so you can get a better idea of what they offer, their ideal use and the different branding options that are available to all of our customers.


LoGo Umbrellas LoGU Golf Umbrella

Umbrellas & Parasols Virgin Media Promotional Umbrella


Our super-strong LoGU Golf Umbrella with Fibre-Storm technology which has been designed and manufactured to withstand storms.  These branded umbrellas have ultra tough fibreglass ribs and shaft which gives it its extreme rigidity. Not only that, the fibreglass also makes it very lightweight.



As these logo umbrellas are so lightweight but strong, they make ideal branded umbrellas for almost any type of purpose.  Particularly suited to sporting events, giveaway gifts; hotel / café / restaurant / shop use; garden-centres and outdoor attractions (for customer use).

As they are such good quality they probably aren’t the best choice for one-off events or if you are looking for ‘disposable’ printed umbrellas option.


Branded Umbrella with Spot Colour Printing


The LoGU Golf Umbrella is one of the toughest, strongest and most durable logo umbrellas on the market.  And that isn’t just a wild claim made by us, to prove it these branded umbrellas come with a full performance guarantee. Evidence that we truly believe in its strength and quality.  Plus its unique Fibre-Storm® technology, not only makes them extremely durable but also very lightweight logo umbrellas.

You can choose either a manual opening system or a push-button automatic version of these branded umbrellas, depending on your end-user and your budget.DSC_9581

Moving onto the handle, the LoGU Golf Umbrella has a non-slip Seno rubber handle – a nice soft-feel rubber handle in other words!



Our premium LoGU range of promotional umbrellas promises innovative design, cutting-edge technology and superior materials.   These products are the strongest and toughest out there, exude quality and truly show off your brand with the very best.

Within the LoGU range we offer a wide range of branded umbrellas which all come with FULL PERFORMANCE GUARANTEES so you can completely trust your promotional umbrella to perform, last and carry your brand with longevity.



  • Printing – we can not only print on single panels of your promotional umbrella but also do a full all-over print, print inside the canopy, even add a label inside the umbrella
  • Canopy – as well as printing on the canopy you could choose a double canopy so that the inside of your promotional umbrella is a different colour or design to the outside.  This can create some impressive results
  • Handle – change the colour or even the type of handle
  • Ribs & Shaft – these come in black or white as standard but can be changed for a wide array of colours to match your branding
  •  Sleeve – opt for a sleeve for complete branding even when the umbrella is closed
  • Decal – get your logo or message printed inside a small plastic disk in the base of the handle
  • Tie Wrap – another neat place to stamp your logo
  • Metal Cuff – give your umbrella a high-end feel and get a metal cuff on the shaft and we can engrave your company name into it




Ribs 4.5mm lightweight fibreglass
Shaft 14mm lightweight fibreglass
Canopy High quality pongee with 8 panels
Opening System Manual (option to upgrade to an Automatic)
Handle Non-slip seno rubber straight handle
Size 150cm diameter and 100cm length (when closed)
Guarantee? Yes full Performance Guarantee
Size Diameter 150cm; Length 100cm; Rib length 75cm



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