Promotional Umbrellas are Not Only for Autumn

After a hot summer, it now time for the Autumn… and the rain. This means means Promotional umbrellas time!  With the nights drawing in and Christmas starting to creep into people’s thoughts, September is the busiest month for branded umbrellas. 

We have a mild and quite wet Autumn predicted – by the experts over at the Met Office. Why not get get organised and start looking into cheap printed umbrellas now before the rain descends. Logo Umbrellas have a diverse range of branded umbrellas, allowing you to choose printed umbrellas to match your budget.

Promotional Umbrellas Making Waves

Incredibly the UK spends over 10 million pounds  on umbrellas, with sales for printed umbrellas taking a significant percentage of these sales.

With 78% of all umbrellas being made in China carrying an 8-10 week lead-time, September is the best time to buy. This is the month where companies start to think about their printed umbrellas for all client and employees. As well as as corporate Christmas gifts and staff presents.

Promotional Umbrellas LoGU golf promotional umbrella
Uber Golf Printed Umbrellas

Here at Logo Umbrellas, we have a client return rate of over 65%. Illustrating that our printed umbrellas are a proven promotional item. From cheap promotional golf umbrellas to the top of the range automatic vented golf umbrellas, we have a style for every pocket. 

Best Promotional Umbrellas: Colour

The most popular colour for printed umbrellas is navy blue. This makes up to 34% off all sales worldwide. In China, Japan and Taiwan their preference is navy blue, however the results from the UK, US and Korea showed “black” was the most popular. Other results for male and female preferences, showed that men preferred black, and women favoured colours like red and green.

In the world of corporate umbrellas the colours are slightly different. Black and blue dominated the world of public users, however the corporate world of promotional umbrellas is dominated by red, white and blue. Interestingly the last couple of years showed the market changing to Pantone matched colours because of the increased importance of branding.

Also there has been a pattern of moving away from the standard printed golf umbrellas and moving to more diverse and different options. Why not browse our promotional umbrellas ranges to see if you can spot something different. Our City Walker umbrellas are a great alternative to golf logo umbrellas.

Standard Brand Umbrellas Colours