Promotional Umbrellas in Just 3 Weeks

Promotional umbrellas, designed and delivered fast

A last minute event?  A forgotten corporate gift? Weather turning and emergency promotional umbrellas needed?

Don’t worry Brollies & Parasols are here to help! If you need umbrellas fast then we are the people for you.  Opt for our Express Production & Delivery option and we will be your knight in shining armour.  From order and artwork sign off we can print and deliver your branded umbrellas in 3 weeks.

How it Works

Typically, our promotional umbrellas take around 8 weeks to produce and deliver.  We custom make your printed umbrellas and then we sea freight them to the UK.  This offers excellent value for money and provides an exceptional quality umbrella.  However, we understand that you don’t always have this amount of time on your hands.  If this is the case, we can prioritise your order with Express Production and then upgrade delivery from sea freight to air freight.  This slashes the lead time down to an impressive 3 weeks. 

Choose Your Promotional Umbrella

Most of our umbrellas can be produced, printed and delivered within 3 weeks.  You can browse our Promotional Umbrella ranges to see what umbrella best suits your end user. We have three ranges of umbrellas to choose from:

Budget Promotional Umbrellas

Mid-Range Logo Umbrellas

Premium Promotional Umbrellas

Decide on the Design

In terms of your printed umbrellas’ artwork, we have a Design Team here at Brollies & Parasols that can put together some design visuals based on your requirements and logo for you to select from. 


Once a design is finalised we can process your promotional umbrellas order and get both the order and artwork signed off.  This can happen the same day if you are on hand to ‘push the button’ on it meaning we can start production the next day! We will send you a set of photos of your Pre Production sample so you can check this before we produce the final branded umbrellas.  This ensures that you are 100% happy before we go to mass production.  We will also send you photos of the completed promotional umbrellas before we dispatch them to you. 

All meaning that you end up with printed umbrellas completely aligned to your design and expectations.   

The Cost of Express Production & Delivery for Your Promotional Umbrellas

Our Express Production & Delivery also is surprisingly low cost wise.  Especially compared to prices for UK-produced branded umbrellas.  On top of this, the quality will surpass the vast majority of UK made promotional umbrellas.  It really is a no brainer!

As a rough guide price, depending on quantities and your umbrella’s size, you are looking at around £2 – £3 per umbrella.

The Small Print

Our 3 week Express Production & Delivery timeframe begins on order and artwork sign off.  We can process an order and artwork within a day if you have the logo(s) and design in mind.  It is also worth noting that we can help you with putting some design visuals together if you need some inspiration or not too sure on a design for your branded umbrellas. 

Not all branding options may be available with our Express Production & Delivery option.  All stock branded umbrellas are included for this lead time, however, optional extras may not be.  Therefore, we can advise to what and what isn’t possible when ordering your printed umbrellas.

Canopy Colours

Stock colour canopies would have to be also selected for us to produce in this timeframe. 

Finally, our Express Production and Delivery may not be available at peak times or during holidays.  Therefore our team can advise if we can’t deliver your promotional umbrellas within this time frame.

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