Promotional Umbrellas – Nylon Vs Polyester Pongee

Have you ever given any thought to buying promotional umbrellas?  If you have, you’ll know that the wealth of options can be very daunting.  Here at Logo Umbrellas we have want to take one of these many options and give you the low down. So you can make the right decision for your brand.

Which is best for branded umbrellas canopies?   Nylon or polyester pongee.

Nylon is the standard material for most promotional umbrellas. It is the cheaper of the two materials. One of the many ways that you can spot logo umbrellas with nylon material, is the price and the shine of the material. The canopy will also feel thin, giving it a cheap look.

Polyester pongee is our preferred option for all our promotional umbrellas here at Logo Umbrellas. Polyester is a thicker material. It also holds print for longer. Pongee also has a more quality material feel which we believe is important when your logo is on a product. We are proud to offer polyester pongee as standard across all of our umbrellas.

Über Brolly Automatic Golf Branded Umbrella

Material Waterproof Protection for Your Promotional Umbrellas

Cheap promotional umbrellas use nylon, which stops 89% of all water that the material is exposed too. Our budget ranges of umbrellas utilise this fabric, great if you have a tight budget.  Our premium Logo Umbrellas however use Polyester Pongee. This more premium fabric stops an impressive 96% of water exposure.  To give you an example, if you were to run you hand over the inside of the cheaper promotional umbrellas nylon canopy, you will find that your hand will be wet. This wouldn’t be the case with polyester pongee.

If you don’t like nylon or our standard 190T polyester pongee material then there is a third option. Our super heavy weight polyester pongee.  This has a super soft feel and is used on only the best premium promotional umbrellas. If quality is what you are looking for then this is the material for you.