LoGU Promotional Umbrellas

Introducing Our Premium Promotional Umbrellas Range

luOur premium LoGU range of logo umbrellas promises innovative design, cutting-edge technology and superior materials.   These branded umbrellas are the strongest and toughest out there, exude quality and truly show off your brand with the very best.

Within the LoGU range we offer a wide range promotional umbrellas which all come with FULL PERFORMANCE GUARANTEES so you can completely trust your promotional umbrellas to perform, last and carry your brand with longevity.


Über Strength & Durability

The LoGU collection offers you the strongest promotional umbrellas on the market. Our storm-proof products are ideal for the temperamental climes of the UK where rain and wind come hand in hand.  With super strong fibre-glass ribs and other features include extendible ribs and independent vented canopies, you can be reassured that your branded umbrella is robust, sturdy and will stand the test of time.


Über Design

Not only will you find the strongest umbrellas on the market within our LoGU range but you will also find innovative design and cutting edge technology.  Our collection revolves around style and elegance, ideal products for high end brands and companies that are looking for something extra special.



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