Upgrade Your Promotional Umbrellas with a Branded Popper

If you want your printed umbrellas to really communicate your branding, then why not opt for an embossed popper?  These are an excellent way to make your branding even more visible, whilst giving your promotional umbrellas a sophisticated, tailored feel.

Branding is key when considering promotional umbrellas.  If you are using your printed umbrellas to promote your brand then why not consider other ways to project your brand other than just your printed logo on the canopy?  Our branded poppers are a cheap way to project your brand in a subtle but professional way.

Embossed tie wrap by Logo Umbrellas

What Are Branded Poppers?

All promotional umbrellas come with a tie wrap that allows the user to secure the closed canopy neatly around the umbrella’s shaft when your printed umbrellas are not in use.  You then need a a way to fasten the tie wrap, this can be done by either Velcro or for a more quality-feel a popper. 

Brollies & Parasols use high spec metal poppers for all of our printed umbrellas as standard.  Typically, our promotional umbrellas come with our unique B&P popper.  However, there is the option to upgrade to a personalised popper for your brand.  These are a very cost-effective way to subtly project your branding. 

These branded poppers can be used on any of our promotional umbrellas.  Why not browse our 3 different ranges of printed umbrellas to see what type of umbrella would best suit your end user:

Golf Umbrellas

Walker Umbrellas

Telescopic Umbrellas

What Can You Emboss on a Popper for Your Promotional Umbrellas?

As you can see the poppers are small (around 15mm in diameter) so it is best to stick with something simple.  A shape or a basic logo works well.  We can also add short text – so a letter or a set of a few letters.  The simpler the design, the easier it is to see and for the viewer to absorb its contents.

What Are the Costs for Branded Poppers?

This really depends on the quantity that you are looking to order.  For anything under 500 units you would be looking at around 0.05p per umbrella / popper.  There is also a mould fee of £120.  Anything over 500 units you would be paying as little as 0.2p per umbrella / popper.

How Can I See How My Branded Popper Will Look Like?

Here at Brollies and Parasols our design team can create a design visual for you very quickly.  We can play around with different designs until you are happy with the final one.  We would then produce a sample for you to take a look at before full production takes place.

Logo Umbrellas Branded Popper Design

How Can I Find Out More?

You can speak to one of our umbrella specialists here at Brollies & Parasols by either giving us a call or dropping us an email: 02920 494086 or email sales@brolliesandparasols.co.uk.